Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ward is looking and doing great. We will have a CT scan in 6 weeks to make sure the cyst has shrunk. Please keep praying it has. We had a visit with a physical therapist in Atlanta this morning. She played with him and checked out all his baby moves. He has found his feet and it's the sweetest thing. You would think he is our first child the way we get so excited for each new milestone. After his evalution the therapist just went over somethings and gave me some ideas for some ways we can work with him more at home. Then she said "He is amazing." She just kept saying over and over how amazing he was doing after what he has been through. I had to look away as my eyes filled with tears. I felt my heart fill with thankfulness. I knew all the prayers had carried Ward to this place of amazing. I have been basking in amazing all day. I was talking to a friend the other day and I shared with her something the Lord has showed me through our journey with Ward. He has showed me not to worry about tomorrow. I don't always do that but, today I was able to just thank the Lord over and over. Amazing

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