Sunday, July 24, 2011

Head start in Uganda

   The other night I was putting some things away in Wards baby nursery. My boys were so excited to help me. I put a new piggy bank on Wards changing table. At some point the boys disappeared into their room down the hall. I went to check on them and they had their piggybanks open on the floor. I was a bit upset because they were making a mess and it was bed time. My middle son Weston got six dollars out and started back to Wards room. I asked him what he was doing. He said "Mom we are giving Ward a head start."  Both boys put money in Wards new baby bank. I just stood there as tears ran down my face. That is what we asked the Lord for. A head start for Ward. Jesus gives us that hope. So, as I look back at countless answered prayers, I know that the Lord hears. Now, as I pray for my friend Shannon Milsaps as she prepares for her mission trip to Ugaunda. I am asking the Lord to give these babies with hydrocephalus a head start. Shannon was given $1000 to pay for a surgery. Like Ward this baby has fluid on his brain. Like Ward this baby will have a shunt placed inside his brain to drain the fluid. Like Ward this baby will be given a gift of life that otherwise would not have been available. What strikes me as the big difference in my situation and this mothers situation is when we found out our babies were not perfect. The doctor told us about Ward and the fluid that was on his brain at 19 weeks. When this mom in Uganda had her baby placed in her arms she must have been overcome with fear.  She realizes in a moment she is in a tribe that believes this is a curse and the only way to break it is murder. To throw your baby in a river to break this curse. I am overwelmed with the fact that our differences are bigger. I have had my Jesus to walk me through this with Ward. This mom in Uganda must feel so hopeless. There is nothing more that can pierce the heart of a mother that thinking something will happen to her child. Shannon will also be able to witness to the mother of this baby. She will be able to tell her about this Jesus that has held me so tight. What a blessing that is going to be. I can just feel the joy of the mothers heart as her child is chosen to have this surgery. This child like Ward will get a head start. So, thank you Shannon for being willing and available. I am on my knees for you and I can't wait for you to tell of this baby who gets a head start! Please be in prayer for Shannon. She is on her way to Africa tonight. I Love you Shannon and I am blessed by you and your obedient heart.