Monday, March 28, 2011


Sprinkles are what taste so good on top of my cup cake. Yet, over the past week's the Lord has given a new meaning of sprinkles to me! The road I am on has been painful and seams long. Yet, those sprinkles have been so sweet in this valley I walk through. Through out my life I have been blessed with many Christian friends who love our Lord Jesus. I have had the chance to pray for them and them for me. Yet, the day came when my heart was in a million pieces. Those sprinkles God had given me over the years showed up. My head was covered in sprinkles daily. I could feel them as I would open my eyes at 6 a.m. I could feel those sweet sprinkles in an email or a text to say I am praying. I could feel them grab me and whisper sweet prayers over me and this unborn baby boy. I could feel the sprinkles of prayers from Honduras. I could feel them when the day was long and the quiet of the night was so tough.  Week's have crept by since we found out the news of our unborn baby, Ward. The Lord has given me such comfort in these sprinkles. The many faithful Christians all around me, willing to pray for a friend in need. I feel blessed! This morning a teacher in carpool touched my hand and said "Kim I am praying for your baby." As I drove away I just thanked the Lord for my morning sprinkle!!!


  1. Kim, I adore that you are seeing something beautiful in something that would break down so many people.

  2. Hey girlie!

    I am sorry to hear about Ward. I will pray for healing over him, ease your fears, and bring your family closer together and to Him. I'm so proud of the strength you are exhibiting. I have friends that have had the same thing with their baby and everything was fine at birth. Praying for the same to happen to y'all. Hugs and love! Call me anytime you need to talk!

  3. what a sweet family you have...Ward is fearfully and wonderfully made. I will pray for your newest son and for you!


  4. Kim,
    I love & miss you all so much. I have been keeping up with you through Tara. I pray for you often. I know how strong you & Brian's faith is. You know how wonderful our God is. He has little Ward in the palm of his hand. He is complete control. Just remember Jeremiah 29:11 - my life verse! The NIV is my favorite version - - For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future
    much love - my sister in Christ,
    Pam Jones

  5. Kim,

    I am so glad that you sent your blog to Marty. I am evern more glad to see you sharing your journey through journaling. Love you girl and praying for you and baby Ward daily.

    In HIS Service with love,
    Missy Jacobs